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Pages in root namespace (without ':' in the name) are public. Pages in other namespaces may be protected. For example, pages in “bmi” namespace (like “bmi:index”) are only visible to BMI lab members.

Currently used namespaces are:

  • bmi - for BMI lab
  • hcv - for HCV data analysis project
  • computing - for information about cluster machines
  • wiki - for wiki-related materials (preinstalled)

Let Kirill know if you have ideas about improving the structure, for example if you think additional namespaces may be needed.

Editing hints

Wiki syntax is explained on the syntax page. You can practice editing on special playground page.

To create a new page, first make a link to it on some other page, then follow the link.

If you don't like the default wysiwyg editor, you can press “DW Edit” button (below the editor, while editing a page), then start editing the page again - a more simple editor will be used. - fckglite (wysiwyg editor) was broken, so it's removed and now “Ace Editor” is the default editor.

When you'd like to upload a file into protected namespace (e.g., “bmi:paper.pdf”) and you don't see “bmi” in the list of namespaces in Media Manager, try to first go to some page in the namespace (such as bmi:index) and use “Media Manager” link on that page.

Edit summary - it's a short summary text describing an edit. It is displayed in the list of changes, and in each page history. Edit summary makes it easy to see was changed, or to track back the history of changes made to particular page. It's really a good idea to always include a meaningful summary with every edit. (In the “Edit summary” field below the text editor area).


Wiki engine

Wiki engine is DokuWiki 2014-09-29a.

Installed plugins


  • Ace Editor (2013-07-19)
  • fckglite (2013-07-25) - removed, as it was ruining existing page formatting.



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